Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1200 Miles, A Shitload of Races, and something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Happy New Year! 2014--Holy Smokes.

I know, you all are probably like..."Krissy, where the fuck have you been for a month and a half?  How do you expect me to keep reading?"

I totally get it--I'm sorry.   I promise, it's for a really good reason--and because I knew I couldn't NOT say anything if I was posting. So I kept it my mouth shut.  We'll get to that--but first...

I thought it would be fun to recap my resolutions for last year, since I actually wrote them down for once...  LAST YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS

1) Working on confidence---it's getting there. 

 #1) I know, I know.
I mean I wore leggings this winter without a long sweater to cover my booty, so I guess that's saying something.
#2) YES.
2)More strength training--A total check!  I simply did some yoga, and then bought 10 pound weights and went to town on my arms.  There is such a difference-I couldn't believe it.  Guns! ME! Although the heavy lifting will have to take a back seat..
3)Getting in more water-It's gotten better, but I can't say it's where I want to be, this one is carrying over in 2014.
4)Better communication with friend and extended family--Good, but still could be better.  Still made an effort to speak to a lot more of the folks, so that makes me happy.
5)Dress better--that remains to be seen.  I still fall back on my comfy tees and jeans, I'll be honest--but I think I conquered lots of dress wearing last summer--which is a total win.
6)Stretching more--Eh, still gotta work on that for sure.  I think I get bored to quickly.
7)Cleaner eating--yes! We so did this!  Cut out most sugar substitutes and low-fat nonsense.  More veggies--I didn't lose much with the all the running-but that wasn't the goal, but my husband lost 20 lbs! WOW!
8)Being content at work VS Money/New Job--New job, yes-great new people--but the job is the same stagnant thing it's been for 6 years now.  I'm ready to move up in the world.  So, no--I guess this carries over.
9)Continue running after the half marathon last January--CHECK!  I ran two more halfs, a 10 milers, a bunch of 5ks, a smidgen of 10k, and a FULL GOD DAMN MARATHON. Check-and-mate.


My gorgeous bling :)

#11 NYE Hair. Score.
10)Horse tiles out of the kitchen--No, Orange room painted--YES! It's now a deep blue-ish/purple-y.  It's the music/work-out room now :D

11)Hair growth? Check--Just past shoulder now-yay!


....Aaaaand, check. ;)  GoForkYourselves Baby--Coming 7/2014!  

That's the reason the needed to shut up for a little while at least, so I hope you all can forgive me.  We're super excited, and I'm hopefully getting over this nausea soon.  Running mileage has had to be slashed due to just pure exhaustion and the overwhelming waves of nausea here and there (though throwing up didn't happen-thank goodness), I wish I could say I was more upset about this--but this is my first baby--and if I have to cut down to 3 milers a few times a week to feel comfortable--I'm okay with that :)

So, my resolution this year?

1) Keep myself and baby healthy--then have said baby without any extra crap--aka natural childbirth. 

Happy New Year, folks.  2014 looks to be something CRAY-ZAY, and at the moment, I'm okay with that.  Other times...this is pretty much where I'm at:

What a ride...

Go Fork Yourselves,