Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween/Road Runner Sports Giveaway Winner!


Hope you guys had some fun, costumed or not today.  Two days out from my COMPLETED MARATHON (what's uuuuup!?) I'm fairly certain that gives me a little buffer room for Halloween candy.  Listen, it's Halloween--and I'll be damned if I'm not going to dip into a little fun-sized action for a day.

Mind the VERY SCARY, no makeup, tired pics below. If you're easily frightened, maybe skip ahead quickly!
After 26.2 miles, a shower, and a MAC truck hitting me.
 I did it, 26.2. ACTUALLY 26.26--so there ya go. I got tons of awesome support from family, friends, and all my readers and twitter peeps.  THANK YOU! Like I said before, it means so much.  My husband wanted to celebrate so he brought home a metric shitton of chicken wings and champagne.  

Celebration :) We may or may not have gone overboard-but I couldn't give a damn.

Speaking of fun things...are you ready for the winner of the $100 Road Runner Sports Giftcard?!


Tiffany Carabello!  @TLCinSeattle

Tiffany, email me at forkyourselves AT gmail DOT com with a mailing address by 10PM, tomorrow, Friday, November 1st to claim your prize.  

****If the prize is not claimed by tomorrow at 10PM, I will choose another entrant.*****

UPDATED 11/1/13 @ 10:04 PM

Original winner did not email within 24 hour period.  Prize is forfeited and I have picked another winner at random through Rafflecopter.

Krissy Murphy! @krissymmurphy

I have to say, I like the way the randomizer thinks....ANOTHER KRISSY! YES! :)

Krissy, Email me at forkyourselves AT gmail DOT com by 10PM Friday, 11/2/13.

***If prize is not claimed by 10PM on Friday, 11/2/13, prize will be forfeited to another entrant***

Thank you everyone for participating--what a great giveaway to one of my FAVORITE stores.

That's all for today, guys! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

Keep it tuned here, I've got more giveaways and good times up my sleeve :)

Go Fork Yourselves,


PS:  CONGRATS MY RED SOX!!! My ol' stomping ground! WOO WOOO!!


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