Thursday, October 30, 2014

The return to the blog-o-sphere/My Bean

Oh god, I know.  I've been gone far too long.  I think I dropped off my blogging sometime in February--and if you all were like, "What the shit, Krissy?"--I'm sorry.  Yes, I was pregnant-but really, there's no excuse for not writing. 

Regardless, I am back.  A year after my marathon fiasco (which turns out, was due to this little nugget!) I am back at square two, I'd say.  I walked from about month 5-9 of my pregnancy--running when I felt more comfortable to do so, but the extra weight was a little hard, and my feet swelled like a motherfucker.  So, not square one, but square two. Right.

So--I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Violet, on August 6th.  About a week and a half after her due date.  She came like a bullet, too.  Apparently average laboring for a first-time mommy is about 15 hours.  Violet shot out in roughly 6! 

I remember going to bed the night of the 5th, still huge---and then somewhere around 3 in the morning I woke up with some cramping, it wasn't very consistent, and I'd been feeling this for a week here and there anyways, so I tried to go back to bed.  3:30, I was still having them..and that was odd.  So, I pulled up my contraction timer while my hubby slept.  They started to get consistent and I definitely was wincing and having to concentrate on breathing through them.  I woke up my husband, told him I felt like I had to get in the bath.  He called the midwife, and they told him it still sounded like I was doing alright and we should labor a little longer at home.  I got in a warm bath, my husband threw a towel on the floor with the contraction app, and lay on the floor.  We were expecting it to take a lot longer..

I remember specifically watching this in the bathtub:

I remember laughing until I had tears, and then a contraction during the laughing.  That wasn't easy!
After feeling too hot, I was like, "They slowed down, maybe it was a false alarm..let's go lie down in bed"
The bath took the edge off, but it wasn't too soon after that the contractions were back.  My husband called our parents, and I remember talking to my mom and having to put the phone down during a contraction.  I was still in good spirits at that point. 
Sometime around 6ish, things took a turn.  "Transition" is what labor class called it--but I wasn't sure about it at the time.  It's the point where you start to feel like "I can't do this."
My husband had made some pasta for us--thinking again, that this birth was going to be a marathon effort--and I needed to carbo-load.  I couldn't eat it--I pushed it away thinking I might throw up.  We were watching "The Office" on Netflix--I needed sometime I knew, and for some reason that show was comforting, even though I couldn't concentrate on it.
I remember crumbling a bit, curling up, yelling into the couch.  Telling my poor husband, "Fuck it, let's just go to the hospital-I don't think I can do this without drugs after all." Knowing full well that's not what I wanted, which he later admitted to me he was on the brink of just giving in and going to the hospital instead.  At that point he called the midwife again, and between what he told her, and what she could hear me yelling/moaning--she said it was time for me to head to the birthing center.
I was scared to go, but I knew I couldn't stay home either.  I was hanging on chairs and buckling down, squatting on the way to the car.
Contractions are no joke.  My husband reminds me that I said something about feeling like, "A Civil War soldier dying on the battlefield, ripped open with my guts hanging out."
In the car, I just hung onto the seatbelt, turned towards the window just moaning.  I don't know why the moaning helped, but it just felt right.  What is usually a 20 minute drive, felt like forever, and I just tried to figure out how many contractions I would have until I got there.  I figured if I could put into terms like when I do when I run, maybe I could deal with it better, you, just one more mile, and then it's just 5 after that.
We got to the center at about 8:45ish, holding my belly I shuffled inside and took place on a rocking chair and doubled-over. My husband brought everything in, my father-in-law was already there when we got to the center and rubbed my back.  I do remember him telling me I was brave.  That helped, though I didn't feel very brave.  They asked me to get on the bed so they could so how far along I was.  
For reference, 10cm is what you have to get to.  I was about 1cm for a week or so.
I was expecting like 4-5cm---again, thinking I had a long time to go.
Before she measured me, I had another long, hard contraction--and then suddenly that pushing urge all the moms talked about.  You can't even control it--you're body almost forces you to push--it's fucking crazy.
The midwife looked puzzled, I remember, she said..."Did you just get a pushing urge??  Don't forget to breathe!"
"Yeah, that was weird"
She measured me.  8cm.  Are you fucking kidding me? How is that possible? It's waaaay too early.
They asked me if I wanted to get in the tub, to which I was said, "Oh my fucking god, yes."  To which they said, did you want your bathing suit.  To which I said nothing, ripped off my maternity dress and got in that hot tub, butt-naked in front of a few strangers and my in-laws.  Labor does that you, people. It's nuts. 
 The tub helped for sure, but this time the contractions weren't slowing down.  I have to say though, even when all this was going down, the staff were all super calm and peaceful.
I started to get more pushing urges, to which my midwife said I could give into a little bit, since 20-30 minutes after they checked the first time, I was already at 9cm.  They could feel her head.  But, pushing is 2 steps forward, 1 step back, so she was coming, and then receding a little--if that makes sense. 
The midwife check again and she said, okay, we can push through the urges now when you're ready. 
It was hard, I did a push or two and started to fear the pain a bit.  Then I was like, "Okay, I can not follow-through and continue to be in pain, or I can just do this right fucking now."
So, that's what I did. No drugs, no nitrous, nada.  The "Ring of Fire" is no joke. All of a sudden though, with the next push her head was out--and they told me to stop pushing because her cord was wrapped around her neck (more common then you would think--they weren't concerned for her, but more that my placenta would rip if there wasn't enough slack). You have no idea how hard it is to NOT push when your kid's head is hanging out of your god damn vagina.  But the midwife got the cord unhooked, and said, "Okay, go."
And, I grabbed the back of my legs and gave it everything.
At 10:02 my little bean was born.

Simply said, she is completely amazing.  The rest of this incredible love I feel is inexplicable. For so long, I thought I would never get married and never have kids--just because I THOUGHT I didn't want them.  Until I met my husband and could picture a life together--and now, look at that!
I had complications after the birth (Violet was fine), we won't really get into it to much, suffice to say there was tearing and internal bleeding/hematoma because she shot out so quickly.  But, I came out on the other end of a 3 day hospital day alive.   I try not to focus on this too much because the birth was so quick and beautiful (now that I've had time to forget the pain).
Now our bean is 12 weeks old, and so I thought--what better time to return to the blog-o-sphere?
You should write, ma.
So, I'm back folks :)  Onward!
Go Fork Yourselves,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Planning ahead...

Oww-my hips!

Good news in my book--since I've reached the 2nd trimester, I've had more energy for running! Yay!

I almost wanted to sign up for the half-marathon in Austin in two weeks- yeah, it'd be slow-but I really felt like I could do it.  Especially after pulling a couple of 6-ers on my own in the past couple week.  No joke! They are the longest I'd done since becoming pregnant (well maybe--honestly, still not sure if I was newly preggo during my marathons which is why I had such a rough time...but anyway).

The 6 miles felt pretty good while it was going down, and I felt like I could do more, but I haven't tested my preggo boundaries, so err'd on the side of caution and kept it at 10k.  And, baby, I'm glad I did.  I didn't really take into account my hormones and the whole 'relaxin' effect where all my joints are slacking up--because after each 6 miler, my hips were on FIYAH the next day (not to mention some swelling legs and ankles..pregnancy is awesome).

Good chance it's both, these days.
  I haven't felt sore from 6 a looooooong time.  Like, since training for my first half.  It's humbling, man--because I feel like I'm going to be starting at square one after my little bambino is born.  I'm not sure how long women aren't cleared for exercise after having a baby--But I've read varying articles saying 6-8 weeks.  YIKES!!

Nevertheless, I'm planning ahead, dammit.  I've decided that if I can afford it at the time of registration--I'd like to make the Disney Wine and Dine 13.1 happen this year.  If I have my kiddo in late July/August and can't run until late September--that should give me enough time to train since I've done the half length a number of times now, I feel comfortable enough to say I could do it in 4-6 weeks.  Now, if I can just convince my Disney running buddy, Melody to do it with me ;)  That and the 5k the day before--2 medals, one weekend--YES.


So, folks(sorry, guys)--what was your first run/race back after pregnancy?   How long did you have to stop after giving birth? How long did you go?  And how did training go with a new baby in the house??

Lots of questions for my lady-folk today--as I'll be a badass-mother-runner soon!

Peace, love, cankles, and itchy boobs,

Go fork yourselves,


Friday, January 24, 2014

I need HOW MUCH protein?!

Hello from snowy Austin!

I know, I know--I'm from Boston, so I know how this looks.  My office closed today, and my husband had to wait until almost noon to head into work(and he lived in the UP of Michigan)-no joke-this ice was crazy.  I think the stats were something like OVER 250 accidents between 6PM yesterday and noon today. GTFO. If you think you know how to drive in the ice-you don't--please don't kid yourselves.

I know the blog seems to be taking a turn to more pregnancy related posts--but you know what-I'm pregnant, fuck it-this is what's going down.

So prior to pregnancy, if you recall--we ate vegetarian Monday-Fridays.  Just a way for us to cut down on the massive amounts of meat that Americans ingest--and it was working really well.  Then I got pregnant with the beanie-and things (for me anyways) had to change.

When we met with the midwife, she told be proteins are what I should be focusing on-as it is the building blocks for the bambino.
"Okay, cool, right on--how much more do I need to be eating?"
Midwife: "About 75 grams a day."

Are you kidding me? That was more then double then I was getting to start-probably not the best thing, but I had been focusing so much on running fuel/carbs that 75 grams of protein seemed like a ridiculous prospect to me.  I had milk almost everyday, sometimes yogurt and some cheese, but protein intake was minimal at most.

The first trimester? Yeah-fucking-right.  Starting at week 6, I had nausea almost everyday--that last most of the day.  Smells were different, meats and eggs being the worst for me.  I never actually up-chucked, but I don't know what's worse-being on the verge all day or if it were to just happen.  I mean, christ, even pepperoni pizza made me want to die.  One day, I DID feel like ham--so my husband bought a ham and we baked it up one Sunday--and it was really good....Then I smelt it in the kitchen the next morning and was DONE with ham. Yuck.  I tried, but it didn't happen outside of cheeses.  My midwife told me since I was feeling so gross, it was just important to get food in.  So, starches became my friend.  Toast for breakfast, Belvita crisps for snacks, saltines and cheerios for lunch--you get the picture.  Not good.

Finally around week 12, the rounding out of the first trimester did the nausea begin to subside a few days here and there.  I tried big glasses of milk during breakfast, gobs of natural peanut better, cheeses, nuts, and trying to get a meat product in for dinner.  STILL NOT HITTING 75 grams.


Finally, while rifling through my cabinets-I found a saving grace sort-to-speak.  From the days when I was lifting a lot more and not focused so much on mileage on my runs.

Duh-Protein powder!  23-30 grams per scoop! Why didn't I think about that??

For a week this worked out pretty well--I throw milk and the powder in the blender with a couple of cubes and chug.  By Saturday-I was sick of it. So I tried a banana-and some other fruits--which got me through a few more days. I can't stand monotony in my food! Call me crazy.

So I've been fiddling around with what else I can do with protein powders for breakfast:

Livestrong's20 Protein Powder Recipes

SparkPeople's 15 New Ways to Use Protein Powder

 Lots of Awesome Ideas @ Yummly

The MECCA of Protein Powder

I just learned about the last site, earlier today, and I was blown away--there are so friggin' recipes there--I'm sure they'll keep me busy trying to figure out baby building fuel :)  Plus they have an app--kick ass.  The beanie thanks you,

I made some chocolate banana protein pancakes this afternoon after my 10K run (longest in a long time, woot woot, bitches!) and that was--in all honesty--delish.  Though I need to finagle it a bit, as they were paper thin--nonetheless, gobbled the whole plate.  44 grams with a few thin pancakes? I'll take that, dude.

Do you guys have some favorite protein packed snacks/meals?  Tell me below--I want them all!  

Alright, folks, go forth---run and eat, and all that good shit in life :)

Go Fork Yourselves,


Sunday, January 12, 2014

12 weeks Preggo=A happy realization

Hey folks--Happy Sunday!  If your a Patriots fan *cough* me *cough* you've got to be pretty stoked about last nights AFC Divisional Win. :D  WOO!

That was a great duo, baby.
 Okay, how many readers did I lose there? Maybe I'm overcompensating now that's I'm in Texas--but, whatever.

Well, guys, today marks week 12 of being pregnant--THAT, though at the time with the nausea seemed to go slOOOOOOOOOOw, actually makes my head spin that it's already been 3 months. 

How's the running you ask?

Man, reading some of the other pregnant runner gals' blogs--I thought, "Yeah, man, I got this--I'm gonna run through week 40. I'm just gonna do it, yeah!"  They made it seem so easy, and I usually get so (friendly) competitive that I don't want to fail.  I've been running, sometimes walking, sometimes it's slow, sometimes it's even slower. 

At first, I felt low--like I was letting myself down because I couldn't keep up with what I had been doing, not the speed, not the mileage.  I was getting jealous of my fellow people on Twitter with all their runs.  And then, one day, I made a very comforting realization.

So here's the thing I've learned in running these past few months:

I don't give a shit anymore.

I know that sounds pessimistic, but I really don't mean for it to be.  It's a great thing for me to learn.  For over a year, I've been comparing myself to other runners, before pregnancy-worrying what people think of me, my race times, my abilities.  Then with pregnancy-why have I gained a couple pounds when that chick didn't? Why do I already look heavier then she does, blah blah blah, bullshit.  I can't keep doing that-I'm setting myself up to be disappointed-Each of us are completely different people-The End. It sounds silly to JUST come to this realization, but I suppose sometimes I'm a bit hard headed. 

What is amazing to me is that, this baby is about the size of a lime, right? And it's already taught me something pretty amazing.  And it's not just about running-though trust me, that was a big one.  But about my weight and body, too--which you all know--I've always had an issue with.  The fact of the matter is my body is going to change (and is already), for an amazing reason.

I am running super slow, my belly is expanding, and for once in my life--the goal is to gain weight.  I am not looking to break records, run a marathon, or become some sort of pregnant fitness prodigy.  What I am going to do is try to eat as well as I can, get 3-4 miles in a few times a week, and have a healthy baby. That's all, dude.

Some people will inevitably see this as my white flag, and it's so not the case--but if I can help other women get to the realization that comparing yourself is the wrong way to go about feeling good about yourself, I will consider myself successful :) 

Six months to go, with a healthier mindset--yeah, life is good.

Go Fork Yourselves,

Krissy (and my bean!)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1200 Miles, A Shitload of Races, and something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Happy New Year! 2014--Holy Smokes.

I know, you all are probably like..."Krissy, where the fuck have you been for a month and a half?  How do you expect me to keep reading?"

I totally get it--I'm sorry.   I promise, it's for a really good reason--and because I knew I couldn't NOT say anything if I was posting. So I kept it my mouth shut.  We'll get to that--but first...

I thought it would be fun to recap my resolutions for last year, since I actually wrote them down for once...  LAST YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS

1) Working on confidence---it's getting there. 

 #1) I know, I know.
I mean I wore leggings this winter without a long sweater to cover my booty, so I guess that's saying something.
#2) YES.
2)More strength training--A total check!  I simply did some yoga, and then bought 10 pound weights and went to town on my arms.  There is such a difference-I couldn't believe it.  Guns! ME! Although the heavy lifting will have to take a back seat..
3)Getting in more water-It's gotten better, but I can't say it's where I want to be, this one is carrying over in 2014.
4)Better communication with friend and extended family--Good, but still could be better.  Still made an effort to speak to a lot more of the folks, so that makes me happy.
5)Dress better--that remains to be seen.  I still fall back on my comfy tees and jeans, I'll be honest--but I think I conquered lots of dress wearing last summer--which is a total win.
6)Stretching more--Eh, still gotta work on that for sure.  I think I get bored to quickly.
7)Cleaner eating--yes! We so did this!  Cut out most sugar substitutes and low-fat nonsense.  More veggies--I didn't lose much with the all the running-but that wasn't the goal, but my husband lost 20 lbs! WOW!
8)Being content at work VS Money/New Job--New job, yes-great new people--but the job is the same stagnant thing it's been for 6 years now.  I'm ready to move up in the world.  So, no--I guess this carries over.
9)Continue running after the half marathon last January--CHECK!  I ran two more halfs, a 10 milers, a bunch of 5ks, a smidgen of 10k, and a FULL GOD DAMN MARATHON. Check-and-mate.


My gorgeous bling :)

#11 NYE Hair. Score.
10)Horse tiles out of the kitchen--No, Orange room painted--YES! It's now a deep blue-ish/purple-y.  It's the music/work-out room now :D

11)Hair growth? Check--Just past shoulder now-yay!


....Aaaaand, check. ;)  GoForkYourselves Baby--Coming 7/2014!  

That's the reason the needed to shut up for a little while at least, so I hope you all can forgive me.  We're super excited, and I'm hopefully getting over this nausea soon.  Running mileage has had to be slashed due to just pure exhaustion and the overwhelming waves of nausea here and there (though throwing up didn't happen-thank goodness), I wish I could say I was more upset about this--but this is my first baby--and if I have to cut down to 3 milers a few times a week to feel comfortable--I'm okay with that :)

So, my resolution this year?

1) Keep myself and baby healthy--then have said baby without any extra crap--aka natural childbirth. 

Happy New Year, folks.  2014 looks to be something CRAY-ZAY, and at the moment, I'm okay with that.  Other times...this is pretty much where I'm at:

What a ride...

Go Fork Yourselves,


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What is this nonsense? *sneeze*

Hey guys, how goes it?

Last we spoke, I'd recently finished the marathon, and we picked a winner in the ROADRUNNER SPORTS $100 Giveaway.  Another Krissy--no joke! Congrats again, Krissy!

Lots of fun, can't wait to work with them again in the future--great turnout--THANK YOU for everyone that participated!

So I'm at Week 2 (which is technically week 3) in marathon recovery, but I can't say I've been sticking to the recovery schedule.  Definitely been putting in more miles then recommended, and I'd been feeling pretty good.  Until yesterday...

I started to feel a sore throat come on, something I haven't had in years, since getting my tonsils out almost 6 years ago now.  Also, feeling exhausted all the time. Yuck. It's not terrible, but I was a little thrown.  Today, some congestion--and a general feeling put...deflated....maybe...RUNdown? *rimshot* HAH! Sick and funny-you've come to the right place, people.  

I haven't been sick in a while--so I hope this is just a quick in and out bug, if that's what this nonsense is.

I ran 4 Monday, skipped yesterday, and and considering another short run today, even with this going on.  I'm not sure if it's a totally dumb idea, but I feel I should.  Send your good vibes my way people!

I've got a few giveaways lined up for the next couple months, I'm happy to say.  One with a great new author, Kristen Lodge--a triathlete with a GREAT story!  And another with Zevia, a great new 'soda' line, no calories, and sweetened with stevia instead! 

Looking into giving the website a new look...thoughts? Suggestions?

That's it for now guys, just a quick update,

Peace, Love, and wicking no-show socks,


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween/Road Runner Sports Giveaway Winner!


Hope you guys had some fun, costumed or not today.  Two days out from my COMPLETED MARATHON (what's uuuuup!?) I'm fairly certain that gives me a little buffer room for Halloween candy.  Listen, it's Halloween--and I'll be damned if I'm not going to dip into a little fun-sized action for a day.

Mind the VERY SCARY, no makeup, tired pics below. If you're easily frightened, maybe skip ahead quickly!
After 26.2 miles, a shower, and a MAC truck hitting me.
 I did it, 26.2. ACTUALLY 26.26--so there ya go. I got tons of awesome support from family, friends, and all my readers and twitter peeps.  THANK YOU! Like I said before, it means so much.  My husband wanted to celebrate so he brought home a metric shitton of chicken wings and champagne.  

Celebration :) We may or may not have gone overboard-but I couldn't give a damn.

Speaking of fun things...are you ready for the winner of the $100 Road Runner Sports Giftcard?!


Tiffany Carabello!  @TLCinSeattle

Tiffany, email me at forkyourselves AT gmail DOT com with a mailing address by 10PM, tomorrow, Friday, November 1st to claim your prize.  

****If the prize is not claimed by tomorrow at 10PM, I will choose another entrant.*****

UPDATED 11/1/13 @ 10:04 PM

Original winner did not email within 24 hour period.  Prize is forfeited and I have picked another winner at random through Rafflecopter.

Krissy Murphy! @krissymmurphy

I have to say, I like the way the randomizer thinks....ANOTHER KRISSY! YES! :)

Krissy, Email me at forkyourselves AT gmail DOT com by 10PM Friday, 11/2/13.

***If prize is not claimed by 10PM on Friday, 11/2/13, prize will be forfeited to another entrant***

Thank you everyone for participating--what a great giveaway to one of my FAVORITE stores.

That's all for today, guys! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

Keep it tuned here, I've got more giveaways and good times up my sleeve :)

Go Fork Yourselves,


PS:  CONGRATS MY RED SOX!!! My ol' stomping ground! WOO WOOO!!